Charline Grant

/ Charline Grant

Partner, KEDZ Consulting

Charline is an accomplished consultant in the field of diversity, equity and inclusion and a trailblazer in reforming the Canadian education system to create equity. She is dedicated to standing up against all forms of racism and hate.

A passionate advocate for racialized students, she successfully won a human rights challenge against one of Ontario’s largest school boards. She was the chief advocate for a landmark change in the Ontario education system: hate-related incidents by teachers toward students are now included in the Ontario College of Teachers’ definition of professional misconduct. Charline is the first person appointed to the position of Provincial Education System Navigator for Parents of Black Children, advising parents on how to deal with discrimination in schools.
She is active on the board of York Region Children’s Aid Society representing the needs of Black families.

It’s no wonder multiple organizations and nonprofits trust Charline as an advisor and board member: she’s always been an entrepreneur and a problem solver. At 10 years old, she knocked on doors in Jamaica asking for work: she wanted to earn money to help her parents. Despite facing discrimination in high school after moving to Canada, she went on to graduate with top marks, earn a college diploma as a law clerk and acquire her real estate license. She started her first company providing affordable cleaning services at age 19 and went on to launch and operate more than five successful businesses. In addition to KEDZ Consulting, she co-owns Skillz Basketball Lab with Garth, whom she met at church in 1998.

She is the proud mom of Ziphion, Kezia, Eleazar and bonus son Daniel, the initials behind the name KEDZ.

/ Garth BobB

Partner & Managing Director, KEDZ Consulting

Garth is an experienced consultant, keynote speaker and government relations expert who specializes in providing diversity, equity and inclusion training for senior leadership and governance boards.

Garth has been advocating for social change since he was 19. During the resurgence of Black culture in the early 1990s, he founded an organization devoted to equity and empowerment that was featured by CBC. He studied business and immigration law in college, did social activism work in Toronto’s Jane-and-Finch neighbourhood and grassroots organizing for a local city councilor. More recently, he and Charline founded Skillz Basketball Lab to provide affordable training and court rental space for their community.

Garth has served as a representative and advisor to prominent city councilors and political party leaders on issues of diversity, equity and inclusion. He was an executive assistant to a provincial party leader, and a member of the campaign and debate-preparation teams for a federal party leader.

In his role with a government relations consulting firm, he was instrumental in drafting successful engagement plans that cut through bureaucracy to help Indigenous groups and community groups effectively lobby governments. He’s an expert at navigating government structures and policy to serve the needs of his clients and community. A recognized leader on the subject, Garth has been invited by media and top universities to present keynote addresses on racial justice in Canada, the U.S. and Europe.

Garth Bobb

/ Associates

Kearie Daniel


Kearie is an equity and inclusive communications strategist with senior leadership experience across multiple sectors, including the provincial government, non-profit and private corporations. Kearie was a key strategist in the implementation of the provincial equity strategy for Phase II of the Ontario Association of Children’s Aid Society project, One Vision One Voice. 

Specializing in anti-Black racism, Kearie has also led change management initiatives across a number of systems.  Kearie holds a BA (Hons) in Mass Communications and a Masters degree in Broadcast Journalism. Kearie also serves as the Executive Director for Parents of Black Children, an advocacy organization working to create systemic change within Education systems for Black families.  In addition, Kearie hosts a podcast, called Woke Mommy Chatter and writes for multiple publications including, Chatelaine, CBC Kids, Flare on equity, inclusion, and the Black motherhood experience. 

Shernett Martin

/ Equity & Inclusion

Shernett has authored two university courses titled Equity & Inclusion in the classroom and Equity & Diversity Specialists. She has trained corporations, government agencies, police services and school boards in equity, diversity, anti-oppression and anti-black racism.

Shelly Skinner

/ Associate

Shelly Skinner (She/Her) is an activist, educator, change-maker and social entrepreneur. With her lived experience of poverty, racism, domestic and sexual violence and homophobia, she carries a story of inspirational perseverance, resilience and dedication to the betterment of her community.

Shelly is also an Ambassador for the International Day of Pink, an organization dedicated to fighting for equality and acceptance for the 2SLGBTQIA community and has established herself as a sought-after leader whose influence resonates across Ontario and beyond.

Carly Luchuck

/ Generalist

Carly studied at the University of Manitoba and York University, focusing on the power relations that work to oppress racialized people. Carly serves as the Executive of Equity and Inclusion for Willow Youth Network. She is a passionate advocate for issues of diversity, equity and inclusion.

Abhishek Khatpe

/ Social Media and

Abhishek is a multi-faceted marketing professional offering experience in social media, digital marketing, and business development. An advocate for diversity, equity and inclusion, Abhishek has served as a head of outreach and social media for a tenant association in Toronto to help people of colour and different cultures.

Jan Lim

/ Research and Project

Jan Lim is passionate about the uses of quantitative and qualitative research for equity and inclusion. She holds an Honours Bachelors of Science degree from the University of Toronto and is currently completing her Masters of Anthropology from the University of British Columbia. In addition to academic research, Jan is a Co-Founder and Project Manager at Starts With One Canada, an education equity and anti-racism focused non-profit organization.

Yasin Tariq

/ Research

Yasin holds an Honours Bachelors of Science from the University of Toronto in Psychology and Cognitive Science. As a passionate community member and researcher, he has vast experience in designing and analyzing quantitative and qualitative measures to interpret and understand equity, diversity, and inclusion. He approaches to research with a focus on people, establishing empathy with the complexities in experiences each individual carries.

Natasha Shakespeare

/ Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Analyst

Natasha (she/her) grew up in Simcoe County in a rural predominantly white community. After her own child experienced the same types of incidents Natasha had with anti-Black racism at school as a child, Natasha founded the non-profit organization Parents Against Racism Simcoe County. Natasha completed her Master’s Degree in Education with a concentration in Applied Behaviour Analysis.

Professionally she has worked in the Developmental Services, Healthcare, Mental Health and the Education System. Natasha remains committed to her community serving on many committees and councils that focus on advocacy and anti-racism, such as being the Chair of Black Worker’s Initiative Council.

Natasha remains committed to her community serving on many committees and councils that focus on advocacy and anti-racism, such as being the Chair of Black Worker’s Initiative Council. Natasha is known in her community to be an Activist, Community Organizer and Advocate. She has continued her education in anti-racism and anti-oppression by receiving multiple certificates from various institutions. Natasha’s both lived experienced and formal education have given her the expertise required to be successful in supporting organizations with strategic planning, policy analysis, training, and workshop development that is centered on anti-Black racism, anti-oppression, and dismantling white supremacy.

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