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KEDZ Consulting - Workplace Diversity Training, anti-racism, diversity, equity and inclusion training and consultation in Toronto and Globally

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BUILDING CULTURAL DIVERSITY. KEDZ Consulting provides anti-racism, diversity, equity and inclusion training and consultation that inspires transformative change in individuals and across organizations. We use the frameworks of anti-Black racism and anti-oppression to create customized training and workshops that meet organizations and participants where they are, taking into consideration different awareness, knowledge and capacity levels.

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BUILDING CULTURAL DIVERSITY. We provide participants with the deeper insights and contextual knowledge needed to understand acute issues such as unconscious bias, racial identities, racism, anti-Black racism, cultural bias and more. Our customers find they come away experiencing a fundamental shift in the way they approach their operations and interact with stakeholders. The topics covered in these multi-session workshops help to fulfill the broader goal of an organizational culture shift that inherently requires a “top-down” approach to cultivate. These sessions instill hope and begin the process of true transformational change.

Corporate Workplace Diversity & Inclusivity Training Session by KEDZ Consulting

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We offer full-service programming to help transform your workplace culture into a thriving and inclusive organization. Some of the services we offer include a 360 Degree Audit, Diversity in Management Training, and Diversity and Inclusion Training in the Workplace. Our programs build a foundation of equity across your organization to help you create lasting, transformational change.

Educational Diversity & Inclusion Workshops by KEDZ Consulting in Toronto

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We offer a wide-number of programs for all levels of the education industry—from elementary schools to school boards to post-secondary institutions—we create custom programs to help meet the needs of your organization. Our roots in diversity training were inspired by our experience in the education system and we believe the opportunity for transformational change begins in the classroom.

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We offer custom programs for associations of all sizes and industries. Whether you’re looking to implement diversity training programs for your members or a diversity consultant to help establish inclusive and equitable policies and procedures for your group, we are committed to equipping you with the tools needed to create transformational change across your association.

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Want to know how well your organization is performing from an equity perspective? We’ve got you covered. The key to creating transformational change is to start with an honest organizational assessment of your current situation. Once an initial assessment has been completed, we will provide you with a rating broken down into key areas that give you a starting point to monitor and track your growth as a corporation, non-profit, institution or association. Complete our equity assessment form today and receive a customized score card.

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Create a more equitable and inclusive culture for your team.