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Equitable transformation within an organization requires a multi-faceted approach. It’s for this reason that we offer a wide range of services to meet organizations where they are. Then, we can help create custom solutions that take them to where they need to be. At KEDZ Consulting, we believe that change is created from the inside-out. Through equity development and the implementation of a comprehensive equity strategy, organizations can create a more inclusive, welcoming and productive workplace for all.

Audit and Environmental Scan

/ Audit and Environmental Scan


Receive a baseline report of how your organization is performing in the areas of diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility. This report will help to inform your equity strategy.

The audit and environmental scan is a two-part process that provides organizations with a pulse check on how their organization is performing in terms of diversity, inclusion and anti-racism. Our environmental scan tells us where you are in your equity journey, and our audit tells us why and how you got there.

At KEDZ Consulting, we believe that policies, practices and procedures are the building blocks of organizational culture. The notion of “how we do things around here” forms the basis of a workplace culture and it is important to frequently check-in and ensure that “the way things are done around here” is constantly evolving to become more equitable.

Some of the pieces we look at in the audit and environmental scan include: reviewing policies, practices and procedures, reviewing the budget and conducting stakeholder surveys, interviews and focus groups so that we can gather qualitative data that will help us assess the organization’s performance from an equity perspective.

/ Learning Sessions and DEIA Training


Leaders and employees receive the tools needed to analyze and construct equitable policies for organizational transformation.

Our learning sessions and DEIA training are designed to help build capacity so that equitable practices can be created or improved throughout the organization’s leadership team and staff. These sessions are fundamental to making changes at the policy level.

Our training programs dive deep into the historical context of oppression to help individuals understand and empathize with some of the trauma that can be induced by the organizational environment. It’s through this learning process that individuals can understand how a seemingly small issue might affect someone in an equity-seeking community and how it might trigger their trauma.

The people who are responsible and have the power to effect change in organizational policy will leave the program with a deeper understanding of what it means to be truly equitable and gain the tools to identify and combat oppression within the workplace.

Learning Sessions - Kedz - Education & Institution Diversity & Inclusion Training and Consulting
Equity Strategy Development - Kedz

/ Equity Strategy Development


Obtain a step-by-step strategic plan with tactical ways to ensure your organization becomes more equitable. The plan includes a timeline with milestones, and accountability check-ins to help direct the next steps for your organization.

Once a review of your organization is complete, we work closely with our clients to develop an equity strategy that addresses the tactical changes required to build a more equitable organization. Our team identifies four to five priorities or concentration areas that make up the pillar targets of our strategic plan.

A crucial component of any strategy is determining the proper matrix to measure your progress and uphold accountability. In determining the matrix, we ask questions such as: what are the short and long-term goals of your organization? How do we measure progress and establish timelines? What resources (time, money, people) do we have to help effect the changes required? What do we do when we fall off-track?

The final strategic plan will serve as a roadmap or blueprint with steps for the organization to take to ensure your organization becomes more equitable. To evaluate and assess your progress, we conduct periodic check-ins with ongoing support and feedback.

/ Policy Analysis and Review


Receive a recommendation as to whether a policy needs to be adjusted or changed and a proposal of how it can be improved from an equity lens.

Our formal Policy Analysis and Review offering is the ideal solution for an organization that wants to update their company policies through an equity lens. Whether you’ve received negative feedback on a particular policy or want to do a full review of all your policies, we will customize the right package for you.

We work side-by-side with the leadership team to carefully review each policy and explore how different marginalized groups may be affected. From there, we can determine whether the policy requires adjustment or removal.

Policy Analysis - Kedz
Executive Coaching - Kedz

/ Executive Coaching


Through one-to-one coaching, executives and senior leaders will develop the ability to communicate and operate in a more professional, educated and empathetic manner around issues of oppression, racism and discrimination.

Our executive coaching packages are designed for leaders who recognize the need for organizational change. They also realize that to implement real change, they have to champion it.

Whether a situation has occurred in your workplace that led you to sign-up for equity coaching, or you are simply looking to become a more equitable leader, we will create a personalized coaching program based on your unique circumstances.

We begin by conducting a learning needs assessment to determine where you are in your equity journey, and how far you’d like to go. Then we create a plan that is tailored to you.

One of the benefits of executive coaching is that KEDZ Consulting will act as an ongoing resource for leaders throughout the duration of the coaching program and be available for concerns and questions as needed. If any unique challenges arise on an individual level or as an organization, KEDZ is available as a trusted confidant, support and equity resource.

/ Equity Crisis Management


Receive guided support from our equity consultants following an equity crisis in the workplace. Obtain a dynamic plan to ensure that more equitable practices and policies can be implemented with the aim of preventing similar incidents from happening in the future.

An equity crisis is often a complex and multi-dimensional challenge that requires a strong background in equity work to manage it effectively. In heated and sensitive moments like this, KEDZ Consulting can step in and take a calm and orderly approach to navigating a crisis situation. The ultimate goal of equity crisis management is to establish a new narrative for the organization, one that is transparent and authentic.

We begin by doing a scan of the crisis and how it came to be from an organizational perspective and then immediately address questions such as: what are some of the causes that led us here? What changes would help to address the crisis and prevent it from happening again? How do we wholeheartedly take accountability for this error?

Once an environmental scan and formal audit has been completed, we work with management to create a step-by-step approach to managing the equity crisis. We develop a custom strategy on how to address the issue, lead reconciliation efforts and work with the organization to make a commitment to doing better. We also provide key success metrics and accountability check-ins to ensure follow through and way of measuring progress.

Equity Crisis Management - Kedz

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