/ The Problem

A multinational software company approached KEDZ because they recognized their leadership team lacked the lived experience and racial equity awareness to effectively serve its diverse workforce. The leadership team was ill equipped to manage the ongoing reports of racial and ethnic discrimination their frontline employees were experiencing. One such instance included a customer service representative with a foreign accent who was berated by a customer who complained they could not understand her. It became clear to the corporation that middle-management lacked the experience and training to handle such situations. Consequently, the software firm was doing a disservice to their team.

/ Our Solution

To help build racial equity awareness in the multinational’s leadership team, KEDZ hosted a series of interactive learning sessions with management over several months. Over the course of the program, sessions were held weekly with three cohorts of managers, allowing for frequent checkpoints and an intimate learning environment. The learning sessions were heavily focused on equitable communication and racial awareness to equip the managers with the tools needed to support their diverse labour force.

/ The Impact

After several months taking part in KEDZ learning sessions the software company experienced a number of positive changes within their organization:

The labour force reported they felt heard and that management could better understand many of their concerns when it came to promotion rates, discrimination and issues faced during frontline customer service.

Managers were empowered to begin implementing policies and strategies which helped the employees effectively deal with discriminatory incidents

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