Training Services

Our training and workshops are meant to provide participants with insight and knowledge on various acute issues such as unconscious bias, racial identities, racism, anti-black racism,  cultural bias etc.

The topics covered in these multi-session workshops will help fulfill the broader overarching goal of an organizational culture shift, that often requires a “top-down” approach. these sessions create the foundation for longer-term partnerships with our clients.


Diversity, inclusion and anti-racism for managers

  • What is diversity/inclusion/anti-racism?
  • How can teams embrace diversity and anti-racism?
  • The manager’s role in successful implementation.
  • How diversity and inclusion can improve performance

The power of diverse recruiting

  • Importance of data
  • Creating a strategy that will actually work
  • Addressing bias

The Business Case for Workplace Diversity

  • The case for disruption and innovation (how a well-rounded workforce drives Innovation with new ideas)
  • How business performance can increase because of diversity and anti-oppression
  • The advantage of gender parity in the workplace
  • What is voice amplification and why it works

The pitfalls and opportunities of business activism

  • Case studies of hits and misses
  • Crafting a corporate activism strategy
  • Internalizing the necessary change that responsible corporate citizenship demandes
  • Identifying, avoiding and addressing blind spots

Racism and Oppression 101: for senior leaders and middle management

  • History of racism and oppression
  • Understanding lived experience of radicalized communities
  • Examining systemic racism within your organization
  • Embracing allyship
  • Leveraging corporate influence for social change

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