Salad vs. Stew: Quick thought on celebrating diversity

September 27, 2017

When is come to diversity a lot of people often wonder why not a melting pot such as some countries and by extension organizations have come to accept. Here is a quick thought
When are cooking a stew, we place all the ingredients in the pot and place the pot on the stove and wait. Every once in a while we stir so it doesn't burn. When it's all over, we have a wonderful blended tasty meal. Many people love stew as I do. And why not? But If we look analogously at society using this cooking example, we would cook all our cultures together and have a wonderful tasty outcome once we take it off the stove.  This is what has been referred to as a melting pot. Here is the thing about a stew though. With all the melting that's going on, you don't get to appreciate the carrot or the garlic in its fullest flavor.  That is the difference and beauty of a salad. when you eat a salad you get to appreciate the individual flavors and textures of the ingredients in a salad. each ingredient you can choose to take a bite with the grilled chicken the lettuce and the cranberry raisins in one bite, then the apple walnuts and lettuce in the following. And, if we wish we can have a taste of them all in one bite.  There is no doubt that stew can be tasty but I think society would be better off with the variety that comes with having a salad. 

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