5 Most Compelling Reasons for A Culture of Diversity in the Workplace

May 22, 2017

For some companies and organizations, it's not always clear that Diversity as a corporate philosophy is a good adoption. Is it a passing fancy? is it a waste of time and more importantly money? There is also the question of how will the employees or team members respond. However as there has always been in corporate Canada, a struggle for a competitive edge, many are finding that edge in a way that also adds other benefits as well. Here is the top 5 reason that firms should seriously consider Diversity as a philosophy.

5 Lawsuits – Although this reason affects the company coffers much more than any other listed here, it is the last motive why this type of culture should be built at work. Why? Because whenever you do something; no matter how well intentioned, of out of fear, you will begin to resent that “thing”. Figure, that managers who lead by fear. They often get people to do things, but, after a while, many will start to cut corners, just do enough, even cheat or lie about assignments and projects. Compare Managers who lead through example vision and communication. They usually bring the best out of a team on a more consistent basis.  Leaders, Managers, and team members will quickly resent that they are being “pushed into this Diversity thing” instead of helping to build and accept the culture of it.


4 Retention-  as a company you definitely don’t want to lose great talent because something incentive was said that offended someone. But again, people in the organization should refrain from this type of talk, because of the respect they have for another group and, an understanding of “Why” something they believe is insignificant, can offend others. Not because of fear of losing their job.


3 Recruitment-  Conversely there is no better why to attract top talent than fostering an environment the is inclusive and accepting of difference. The company is seen as visionary forward thinking. Employees need to feel comfortable to order to create.


2 Global Markets-  Developing a company has varying cultures languages and differences, helps to expand into markets and gain new customers, with a deep understanding of the nuances, do’s and don’ts that are particular to that group that can be an authentic competitive edge.


1 Innovation- Fostering feelings of appreciation acceptance and respect provide comfort and builds the creative environment needed for innovation. New methods for customer service, logistic, research and development, marketing and social selling; to name just a few, will come from the next great innovator inside of the company with the most culturally diverse fostering environment. The transformation into the next great “Apple Inc.” will begin with Diversity.


KEDZ consulting can help transform your organization into one that accepts Diversity as a Philosophy (DaaP) visit us and connect with a consultant at  www.kedzconsulting.com 


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