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 Government Relations 

KEDZ consultants have experience with government officials at Queens Park, City of Toronto and Parliament Hill.


KEDZ consultants have a proficient tactical and strategic approach to government relations that places you as close to, or far from the action as required. We have supported private sector organizations, politicians and First Nations Band Chiefs and Council.

 Media relations 


Whether the situation calls for media interviews, corporate coverage, or an executive profile, KEDZ media specialists can help you develop your key messages and present these key messages in front of the right media.


KEDZ consultants have been interviewed with dozens of media outlets with resounding success. To view their past work, click here.

Develop your key messages and connect with the right journalists today.

Media Interview
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Featured Workshop: Preparing the Spokesperson

The goal of this workshop is to prepare the novice spokesperson to have comfort and poise.


Whether as an interview subject or a broadcast media guest, KEDZ consultants can provide them with all the tools necessary to conduct media interviews and requests on behalf of themselves or their organization with grace, skill and professionalism.

Experts Panel
Featured Workshop: How to Lobby Effectively

In this training session, participants will gain a basic-to-intermediate level understanding of lobbying and its importance for advocacy work.  

Participants will gain a firm understanding of non-profit & government relations, best practices during advocacy, as well as a comprehensive overview of the type of activities and work needed to engage in successful lobbying.