About Us

Kedz Consulting was founded out of a need to bring urgent change to institutions in Canadian society that have an entrenched and well-hidden history of oppression, (i.e. education, medical, criminal justice, policing, media, financial/banking and corporate Canada)

What We Do?

Kedz Consulting provides anti-racism, equity and inclusion training and consultation that inspires transformative change in individuals and across organizations. We use the frameworks of anti-Black racism and anti-oppression to create customized training and workshops that meet participants where they are at, taking into consideration different awareness, knowledge and capacity levels.

Why Choose KEDZ Consulting?

What makes our team so very effective as change agents in this area is that we carry a unique combination of both professional and lived experiences that help your business or organization deliver deeply effective, impactful equity, diversity and inclusion training. With experience navigating government which is invaluable when effecting change, as well as knowledge and experience in media relations, our consultants are skilled trainers.


A Team Of Professionals


Charline Grant


Charline is a professional consultant, specializing in advocacy and equity coaching. She is a trailblazer in the diversity, equity and inclusion field, and a fierce advocate for racialized children. In 2016, Charline led a human rights challenge against one of Ontario’s largest school boards, the York Region District School Board (YRDSB). Determined to change the racism and discrimination her own children faced from the YRDSB, Grant and other diverse community leaders fought against anti-Black racism & anti-Muslim discrimination with resounding success.

Charline currently sits on the York Children’s Aid Society Board, representing the needs of Black parents and children. She is also the first person to occupy the position of Provincial Education System Navigator for Parents of Black Children, helping parents navigate the oppressive education system. Charline was the chief advocate in the fight to include hate-related incidents in the professional misconduct criteria for the Ontario College of Teachers, and successfully secured this change. She is leading the charge for education reform, and equity for all.

In addition to her advocacy, Charline is a business-owner, board member and advisor for a number of organizations & nonprofits. She is dedicated, resilient and passionate about standing up against racism and hate in all forms. Charline is also a wife and proud mother to 3 amazing children, Ziphion, Kezia and Eleazar.

Garth Bobb

Partner & Managing Director

Garth is a professional consultant, specializing in senior leadership, board training and keynote addresses. He has spent his entire adult life as a social activist, with particular focus on changes to the education curriculum, increased police oversight and corporate equity and inclusion. Garth also served as an advocate for community groups in their fight for increased funding for youth initiatives and disseminating information about alternatives to university for young people.

Garth served as a representative and advisor to prominent city councillors and political party leaders on issues of diversity, equity and inclusion.  In his career as a consultant, Garth has represented Indigenous groups and community groups in their efforts to lobby the government. In these roles, he was instrumental in drafting successful government engagement and lobby plans that cut through bureaucracy and accurately represented the needs of the groups.

Garth is an expert at navigating government structures to serve the needs of his clients and community. His expertise in training organizations in diversity, equity and inclusion proves invaluable in his training and consulting roles. Garth has delivered keynote addresses at top universities, both locally and internationally.

Antoinette Pusey

Kearie Daniel

Communications Consultant

Kearie Daniel is a community advocate, communications strategist and equity leader. Kearie has over 15 years experience leading inclusive media/communications and equity initiatives. Kearie is a co-founder of Parents of Black Children and is also the founder and principal consultant at KAMA Communications, an Equity, Inclusion and Communications consulting firm, one of the only Communications Consulting firms in Toronto to anchor the frameworks of anti-oppression and anti-Black racism in all work.

In 2017 Kearie created the Podcast and Blog, Woke Mommy Chatter, a space to combat the invisibilizing of the Black motherhood experience and shed light on the Black parenting journey. Kearie also writes about the Black motherhood experience for a variety of publications, including Today’s Parents, CBC Parent, Flare and Chatelaine.  Kearie has delivered international anti-Black racism and equity trainings to parents looking to build and live anti-racist lives.

Kearie has also led systemic change across multiple systems in the province of Ontario including the education and child welfare systems. She has also provided and led inclusive communications and community engagement and strategic mapping for the Ontario Association of Children’s Aid Societies anti-Black racism initiative, One Vision One Voice. Additional inclusive communication clients include, Black Legal Action Centre, Ministry of Education, Kojo Institute, Children’s Treatment Network.

Shernett Martin


Shernett Martin is the Executive Director for ANCHOR (African Canadian National Coalition against Hate, Oppression and Racism. She has authored two University courses titled Equity & Inclusion in the classroom and Equity & Diversity Specialists. She has trained corporations, Government agencies, Police services, unions and School Boards in equity, diversity, anti-oppression and anti-Black racism.

She is an award-winning experienced equity & inclusion consultant, speaker, author, workshop developer and facilitator. Ms. Martin is an educator who has been recognized with multiple awards for  her work in equity, diversity, inclusion education and philanthropy. She is committed to disrupting and dismantling anti-Black racism. She works with the community in capacity building and she is skilled in governing and leading non-profit organizations.

Ms. Martin has been recognized as an exemplary teacher whose teaching style and classroom management skills have been featured in a media campaign for the Toronto District School Board and in various articles in the Voice Magazine. Shernett Martin holds a B.A in Sociology with a focus on Race Relations, Research and Practice, a B.Ed and she is completing a M.Ed from York University. She sits on numerous committees in an advisory capacity and is a mentor to youths throughout the GTA.


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