The KEDZ Consulting team has combined 50+ years of experience in social activism, legal affairs, media & marketing management.


Charline Grant


Charline Grant has served as a spokesperson for numerous community advocacy groups in the York Region, such as the Vaughan African Canadian Association (VACA) and Parents of Black Children (POBC). In 2016, she lead a human rights challenge against one of Ontario's largest school boards, the York Region District School Board (YRDSB). As their children faced racism and discrimination from the YRDSB, Grant and other diverse community leaders fought against anti-Black racism & anti-Muslim discrimination with resounding success.


Charline has worked in the legal and real estate industry for over 21 years. She currently advises a number of organizations on achieving equity and eliminating anti-Black racism and serves as the board member at various non-profits.


Organizations continually invite Charline to make keynote addresses about her unprecedented achievements in education advocacy. She is dedicated, resilient and passionate about standing up against racism and hate in all forms. 


Fore-mostly, she is the proud mother of three children and enjoys playing basketball & swimming with her kids. 

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Garth bobb

Partner & Managing Director

Garth Bobb began his career as a young social activist. Later working in project management & politics, he found his niche in education advocacy & government relations. 


Bobb is a long-standing advocate on issues of equity and inclusiveness and has become an expert at training others to do the same. Bobb has also tenured provincially & municipally for various politicians.


Most notably, Bobb was one of the main architects behind a campaign that saw the Ontario Minister of Education bring sweeping changes to the York Region District School Board. He has provided training for some of Canada's most respective politicians, corporations, non-profit groups and community leaders.


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Antoinette Pusey

media relations & business development

Antoinette is a highly-skilled individual with numerous years of marketing, sales, content writing and management experience. She is confident designing customer engagement programs, creating high-impact marketing strategies, generating leads through social media, producing SEO-friendly content and developing business pitch presentations.

Lina Vescio

secretary & accountant

Lina Vescio has worked as the administrative lead at numerous prestigious law and consulting firms in Toronto, ON. Lina is currently KEDZ Consulting's own administrative director of secretariat duties & accounting.