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Equity Training.

Let KEDZ Consulting Design & execute the perfect equity training initiative for your organization.

Workplace Equity Training

Leadership & Equity Training

Garth Bobb: Keynote Speaker

Equity Audit

Custom Workshops

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Workplace Equity Training

Reducing anti-Black racism, addressing

micro-aggressions, tone policing & more. 

Workplace equity training is increasingly being recognized as a necessary component for building harmonious & high-functioning organizations.


Our team has experience professionally addressing issues of anti-Black racism, institutional racism and oppression in the workplace. 


Our workshops are adjustable for two, four and six-hour lengths.

Transform your workplace culture for the better. Contact us for a free consultation today. 

Leadership & equity training.

Mitigating unconscious biases, unlearning stereotypes & more.

Unconscious biases in corporate leadership are often the most difficult barrier to overcome before achieving equity in hiring practices, workplace culture & more. 


After extensive lived and professional experience, KEDZ consultants have designed a customizable workshop series specifically designed to mitigate unconscious biases in your organization’s leadership. 


These workshops are designed for managers, hiring directors, executive directors and other high-impact corporate, government and/or non-profit positions. 

Transform your workplace culture for the better. Contact us for a free consultation today. 

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Keynote Speaker: Garth Bobb

An exceptional orator and keynote address to inspire equity in your workplace.

Listening to other peoples' lived experiences is one of the most underrated forms of education.


Garth Bobb is an experienced lecturer & motivational speaker. An exceptional orator, he conveys messages of how an equity-focused & anti-racist organization can change lives, with both passion and precision. 

Bobb is known to provide a refreshing balance between education and motivation during his speeches. He is able to connect diverse audiences to construct meaningful narratives for change.


A seasoned non-profit government relations professional, he has worked for leading national advocacy organizations, and served as a independent consultant to numerous nonprofits, small businesses, First Nations communities, large corporations and political parties. View a list of Garth Bobb's past clients here

Bobb has presented at Howard University, Carlton University, McMaster University and the University of Toronto. He has provided input to various talk radio shows throughout North America and the UK. Bobb also has over 25 years in business and management. 


As an equity-focused keynote speaker, Bobb is guaranteed to education and inspire your organization to push for change.

Transform your workplace culture for the better. Contact us to hire Garth Bobb as your keynote speaker today.

Equity Audit

Show the world that your organization is dedicated to anti-racism & equity in the workplace.

KEDZ Consultants are available to assess your workplace's commitment to equity and assign value to existing equity-based initiatives. 

At the end of your organization's equity audit, you will receive: 

  • A Certificate of Completion from KEDZ Consulting

  • Recommendations to improve existing equity initiative

  • A featured article on our website showcasing your organization's dedication to equity & anti-racism

Transform your workplace culture for the better. Contact us to assess your workplace's commitment to equity today.

Co Workers
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If you require further assistance with:

  • Senior management action planning;

  • Organizational-level diversity change;

  • Clear and concise diversity vision development;

  • Diversity strategy realization;

  • Diversity objective set;

  • Accountability mapping.

Contact us today to develop a custom workshop for you organization and your employees.